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Getting permanent residence in United Arab Emirates is not an easy job. First we ought to get our student visa and then we can go step by step. There is no permanent citizenship available unless they are married to a local.

Generally temporary residence Visas will be for 3 years at the most. But these can be renewable as long as the work goes. 
To obtain permanent residency, aspirants must have lived in the UAE over the years. Then an honorable sponsor can apply for their Green Card on their behalf. 
If a worker has made a major contribution to the company over the years, the employer might reward him/her by providing with a work and residence permit of indefinite duration. In such scenario, the employee wouldn’t be a citizen, but he/she is permitted to stay in the country indefinitely.

Other way is to buy a property and the developer will sponsor your visa as long as you pay for it every time you renew it.

The grounds for a residence visa can be:

  • Employment in the UAE.
  • Investment in the UAE;
  • Housing in the UAE;

Except the Employment Visa, the remaining two types of visas do not give permission to work and do business.

It is possible for a foreigner to obtain for a permanent residence permit, if he/she buys an apartment in Dubai in not less than 1 million dirhams ($ 270 million). This visa is for six months, and can be extended further. Also the property owner has the right to sponsor his immediate family like wife and children.

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